Rene Ritchie on Final Cut Pro X

In this week’s MacBreak Weekly on, Rene Ritchie comments on using FCP X.

Starting at 01:28:40

“I’m not a video editor, but I used Final Cut Pro X and it was incredibly easy. Even I managed to do a multi camera shoot. I was shown in about five minutes how to setup multi-angle over 3 different cameras and in about 30 minutes I had a 20 minute clip. Which was good enough to make people think that someone who ought to be doing it was actually doing it. I would have never been able to do that on the original Final Cut Pro.”

This is why Apple made Final Cut Pro X.

A whole new crop of video editing masses is already emerging and utilizing these new tools. They’ve never had the brain-baggage of trying to forget the old tools and workflows of FCP 1-7. In five years, Apple and FCP X could have a bigger market then FCP 1-7 ever had. Change is indeed the way Apple does business. And does it very well.
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